WHAT IS A “STUF’T” POTATO? Our chef starts with hand-selected, one pound, fresh, baking potatoes. Our chef then “oven bakes” these potatoes to a perfection. When ready to serve, the potato is split open, and then filled generously with your choice of filling. The type of filling will vary with your taste and desire. The filling, “stuffing,” is your choice and may be typically chosen from the many selections available. Somewhere there is surely a Stuf’t Potato choice for everyone. We also offer a variety of additional toppings that may be added to any one of the potatoes that you choose.

You may order your selection to be served on a whole potato or a half of a potato.

We also offer a large variety of breakfasts, soups and desserts.
In addition, we have our “Specials.” These specials are oriented around an Austrian/German cuisine. This is because the chef is Austrian and has been schooled in the art of this basic cooking.

All of these selections may be followed by your favorite drinks.

You may also call in for a pick-up of your order to take home with you.

These Stuf’t Potatoes will make a wonderful main dish to be taken home and utilized with your own, homemade side dishes.