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Bratwurst or Smoked Bratwurst
The sausages that we serve at Stuf’t Potato are all authentic, European sausages, made from choice meats and spices, and should never to be confused with “American hotdogs.”

Our Bratwursts are from original Austrian/German recipes.


German Beef Rouladen
Our German Beef Rouladen utilizes a select, very tender, sliced top round steak. The meat is further tenderized by pounding it very thin and then wrapping it around pickles, onions, carrots, mustard and other various tasty seasonings.

The stuffed, rolled meat is quickly pan-seared to seal in the flavors. It is then very slowly oven simmered in its own delicious juices until all of the flavors have been perfectly blended.


Oven Roasted Boneless Pork Chop in Rosemary Wine Sauce
Our Rosemary Pork Chop is created using a thick, juicy, tender, choice pork chop that is roasted in a special Stuf’t Potato rosemary wine sauce.


Wiener Schnitzel
Our Wiener Schnitzel is created utilizing a choice of tenderized Chicken or Pork, breaded with Viennese style bread crumbs and then lightly sautéed.


Hungarian Gulasch
To create this very zesty and hearty Hungarian dish, medium sized chunks of tender, top round beef and diced onions are first sautéed to a browned perfection. This mixture of meat and onions is then blended with a rich, spicy, Hungarian paprika style sauce.

The Gulasch mixture is then slowly simmered until the meat is extremely tender and all of the flavors are wonderfully blended.
Hungarian Gulasch, as well as Gulasch Soup, is available at most restaurants and Gasthofs throughout Austria and Germany.


Sauerbraten is one of the most basic and well known Austrian/German main dishes. It is enjoyed throughout central Europe. Sauerbraten is an extremely tasty and comfortably filling main course.

At Stuf’t Potato we use an “Eye of Round” roast in order to create a very tasty, and yet extremely tender, entrée selection.

The roast is first marinated in a zesty liquid consisting of a mixture of white wine, vinegar, water and a variety of selected spices. The period of time for the marinating process, usually two to three days, depends upon the selected meat. Tougher meats require a longer marinating period.

After the marinating period is complete, the meat is very slowly roasted and then thinly sliced before serving.


Hungarian Paprikash Chicken
Our Hungarian Paprika Chicken consists of tender pieces of chicken cooked in a rich Hungarian, paprika sauce, laced with both green and red peppers.


Chicken In Mushroom Wine Sauce
Our Chicken in Mushroom Wine Sauce is created using previously marinated, choice pieces of chicken, cooked in a tasty, special Stuf’t Potato wine and mushroom sauce.


Dumplings (Knödeln)
(Liver, Potato, Ham, Cheese, etc.) Most Americans are certainly somewhat familiar with the term “dumpling.” However, the Austrian/German term “dumpling” is a very different matter.

Whereas an American dumpling is created in a fashion similar to a typical fresh, large pasta, a biscuit, or something in between, the Austrian/German dumpling is created in a totally different manner.

The Austrian/German dumplings (Knödeln) are based around crushed, crusty, dried rolls — with a variety of added ingredients (spices, meats, etc.). The specific type of dumpling is made unique by the source of the meats and or other secondary ingredients.

In the case of the liver dumpling, the second most prevalent ingredient is well trimmed, choice, chopped liver. The same train of reasoning that holds true for these liver dumplings applies to the potato dumplings and the Tyrolean ham dumplings, cheese dumplings, etc.

The ingredients for these dumplings are blended and then formed into balls that are from 1 and 1/2 inches to 2 and 1/2 inches in diameter. These balls are then cooked in a boiling, tasty, richly flavored broth.

The resulting dumplings are normally served in the richly flavored broth in which they were cooked. Although they are normally served as a side dish, they are sometimes served as the main course.


Spätzle is essentially a fresh, egg based Austrian pasta.

A rich, fresh, egg based pasta dough is shredded through a very coarse colander, or a very coarse grater, into salted, boiling water. It is then allowed to simmer until tender and ready to be served. This process of shredding the dough produces a totally random shape to the resulting pasta.

As any pasta lover can tell you, fresh pasta is far superior to any pasta made from a dried, mass produced mixture from the grocery store.

These spätzle are far more tender and tasty due to their absolute freshness and the tight control of their ingredients.

You may note that many of our dinner dishes include spätzle as a very fitting accompaniment.


Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage
Sweet and sour red cabbage is truly a very typical Austrian side dish. The ingredients are: butter, apples, onions, shredded red cabbage, cloves, bay leaves, brown sugar, vinegar, red wine and lemon juice.

All of the ingredients are mixed together and then steamed until the flavors are blended and the cabbage is tender.

You may note that many our dinner dishes include sweet and sour red cabbage as a fitting accompaniment.